Courage vs fear


Aug 12, 2016 | Uncategorized

It is easy for fear to dampen hope, cripple action and even lead to apathy. But when we realize that we realize that there is great value in our own actions, we can commit to be part of the solution.

Too many of us can feel our lives are out of control, whilst that fear itself can lead us to inaction. But embracing your own power can be part of the solution – all you need to do is step up.

The Fear Factor

Climate change, war, disease: just a few of the stories that fill our news feeds. We may think about it on the sofa, on the commute to work, laying in our bed as we try to fall asleep. Fear may become a close companion.

For me, the worst thing about fear is that it has no edges. It’s a sort of amorphous, insidious goop. It can leave me feeling powerless and that can be daunting.

For decades, I have heard of the fight or flight response, but over my life, I realized that there was a third response – to freeze.

When faced with a crisis or a difficult problem, we may assess our opportunity to flee and decide that this is not sustainable –  you can only escape or hide for so long.

So we find ourselves choosing between fight and freeze. Too often, we choose the latter. Overwhelmed by the size of the problem or uncertain of how we can make it better, we become paralyzed.

Despair may quickly replace hope, and if not despair, perhaps apathy.

Now we really are left the victim of circumstance, and that can be even scarier than the problem itself.  So when I am coaching daring leaders, we practice choosing to fight, where fighting is to be part of the solution.

The Fight Path

We have heard about fighting the good fight, and that is exactly what you are doing when you choose to contribute to the change.

First, look at the problem and try to make it less nebulous by giving it boundaries. When fear has edges, the situation becomes more manageable, and less catastrophic, allowing you to release, or let go entirely, of disabling fear.

At this point, you can determine what role you might play based on your talents or superpowers.

And the good news is, that it is not a solo fight. You don’t have to be the whole solution, just a part of it, no matter how small.

It’s true that the world is influenced by policy, media and business giants. But the world’s success is also changed by the cumulative positive actions of individuals, through role modelling, conversations, and simple acts of kindness. Positive action is contagious.

We all share the burden of solving humanity’s most pressing issues; all you have to do is step in. Because you are not only necessary to the solution, you belong to it.

Let’s set apathy and fear aside and help to fix what is broken.

If not now, when?

If not you, who?

There is power in taking the first step. There is power in being the change.


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